Fly Trap Entice 1Professional Insect Light Trap System

Material ABS Plastic, UV Lamp, Paper with adhesive
Dimensions W: 450mm, L: 350mm, T: 130 mm
Weight Approximately 3kg

Product Detail Information

  • Blacklight trap generates wavelength & Light & heat from the ultraviolet lamp.
  • These wavelength & Light & heat attract harmful insects effectively.
  • Replacement glue board in the blacklight trap captures flying insects such as flies, mite, mosquito and so on
  • Clean and sanitary because the glue board is hidden in the blacklight trap
  • Non noise, odorless, non-toxic Feature

Decor 30 Fly Trap UnitProfessional Insect Light Trap System

DECOR 30 well designed 2 in 1 with professional insect light trap system with elegant decorative.

This new range of environmentally responsible models offers decoration designs with highly efficient yet discreet fly control.

Flying insect are discreetly trapped on adhesive glue boards placed behind decorative front covers and two powerful 15-watt UV tubes standard lamp ideal for domestic and front-of-house applications.

This attractive wall-mounted unit disguised as a wall light. It is perfect choice for areas where fly control should be discreet,e.g restaurants,hotels,dining rooms,hospitals,convenience stores,supermarkets and all public areas where flyinginsect management should be hidden from view.

Type Wall – Mounted
Material Mild Steel
Lamp 2 x 15 watts
Dimension 510 mm x 230 mm x 110 mm
Finish White
Weight 3 kg
Size of Glue Board 427 mm x 248 mm

Decor 45 Fly Trap UnitProfessional Insect Light Trap System

As an effective solution for commercial/industry environments, where a greater number of flying insects need to be controlled,the 3-tube DECOR 45 is well suited.
DECOR 45 uses UV light to attract the flying insects and hold them permanently on the glue boards.

Key Features
Bottom Insertion / Removal of Glue Board
Input Power : 240v AC 50Hz

Type Wall – Mounted
Material Stainless Steel Front Cover & Epoxy-coated Chassis
Lamp 45w (3x15W Hitachi Black Light Tube)
Dimension 430mm x 248mm or 450mm x 280mm
Weight 5.1kg
Size of Glue Board 430mm x 250 or 450mm x 280mm
Coverage 70m2

Wall Decor UV Light Insect TrapProfessional Insect Light Trap System

The Wall Decor UV Light is designed as an un-obtrusive element in pest control for use in restaurant, cafes, hotels and bars.

It’s primary fuunction is to catch and kill flying insects to keep the local environment free from unwanted flying insects. If utilities a hygienic and simple disposal of dead insects using disposable glue sheets.

Discreet but pleasing design suitable for any in-door areas
Quick and easy servicing
Hygienic disposal management
Mains-powered,low power consumption
Uses 2pcs UV light tubes
Possible to remove cover and wash

Type Wall – Mounted
Material Robust steel construction with anti-corrosion treatment
Coverage 50m2
Lamp 2 x 15w
Weight 4kg
Finish White

Fly Trap T22Professional Insect Light Trap System

Model T22
Dimensions 53x32x12 cm
Effective Area 45~66 m2
Consumption 108W
Voltage 220V, 60Hz
BL Lamps 36W x 3(Phillips)
Type UV Glue Board Fly Killer

The VectorTrap T22 flying insect traps are one of the most powerful glue traps on the market today.

Thanks to their high power Phillips UV lights, translucent cover, and specially engineered aluminum reflectors to increase UV light intensity.

These traps will lure any flying insect to the trap in a matter of seconds. This trap is FDA compliant and assists with HACCP monitoring.

Sticky Pad

With the support of professional technologist, we have advanced technology to provide all size of adhesive glue board. With the development of society, the global community is the importance of environmentally friendly materials and applications expand the scope of the situation, people care about is the product hazards to human health and the environment. Removable adhesive that is consistent with our environmental needs, it is none toxic, odorless, clean, not to hurt the material surface and easier to use.

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