Pest Control Services

We apply the latest & most effective techniques including spraying of approved chemicals, traps/trays, glue-boards & monitoring stations, application of gel-baits, drilling & chemical injection and other form of baiting systems. These choice products poses minimal risk to our Clients & their customers and special care and attention are taken to minimize any possible adverse impact to the environment.

To Corporate, Commercial and Residential Clients which include corporate offices, business premises, shop-houses, factories, food manufacturer, cafes, bakery, cinemas, shopping complexes, hospitals, hotels, condominiums & residential houses.

Enfresh Pest & Hyginese Services Sdn Bhd offers General Pest Control Services (GPC) for the control and elimination of pest such as

  • Rodents
  • Cockroaches
  • Common Ants
  • Termites
  • House-Flies
  • Mosquitoes
  • Storage insect pest (SPI)
  • Bed Bug
  • Flea
  • Bee / Hornets
  • Spider
  • Fly Insects
  • Other pest etc

Common Ants Control

For most people ants only become a problem when they enter buildings in search of food and water,or when they build their nests in buildings or gardens.
Ants are generally considered to be the most common household pest problem.In many cases,ants are classified as “nuisance” pests;with minor food spoilage the most frequently reported domestic impact.
Each year,numerous infestations take place and some are so severe that they even threaten human health.

Apply gelling to control common ants

Residual Spraying  to control common ants

Common Cockroaches Control

Cockroaches or simply “roaches” are insects of the order blattodea.
Cockroaches are found all over the world.There are more than 3,500 species of cockroaches.
They not only smell bad but also eat a wide range of food,including rotting garbage.It is believed that they can spread a number of diseases to humans including salmonella,gastroenteritis,and can also cause allergies.

Apply gelling to control common cockroaches

Residual Spraying  to control common cockroaches

Mosquitoes Control

Aedes aegypti, commonly known as “yellow fever mosquito”.is a mosquito that can host the dengue fever.
The mosquito is most frequently found in the tropics.
Fogging will be carried out in the compound to give a quick knockout of adult mosquitoes.
Larviciding will include breaking down the breeding cycle of mosquitoes on area with stagnant water.

Fogging to control mosquitoes

Larvaciding to control mosquitoes (Larva)

Misting to control mosquitoes

Houseflies Control

The Housefly, Musca domestic,is the most common fly in homes.It is the most common of all flies and one of the most widely distributed animals.It is a pest that can carry and transmit serious diseases.They are capable of carrying over 100 pathogens such as typhoid, cholera, salmonella, bacillary dysentery, tuberculosis, anthrax, ophthalmic and parasitic worms.

Fogging to control houseflies

Misting to control houseflies

Rodent Control

Rats and mice can pose a serious threat to property and health.The main problem with rats and mice,besides the noise they create,is that they eat a wide variety stored food.They also carry diseases,and will chew electrical wires creating the potential for a structure fire.Rats may also cause water damage from chewing on roof shingles,water pipes and fascia board.

Apply Baiting to control rodent

Apply Cage to control rodent

Apply Gelling to control rodent

Apply Glue board to control rodent

Others Pest Control

House Lizards(Geckos)

Geckos are insect-eating lizards found in almost in almost every household in this part of the world.Geckos have pads on its toes that enable it to cling even to smooth surfaces or stay inverted on ceilings.

These pads consist of rows of plates (lamellae)covered with thousands of microscopic hook-like projections(villosities) that latch into any minute surface irregularity.

They can be considered beneficial for their insect-consuming diet However,they can become a pest themselves. Their droppings soil the walls and contaminate exposed food.They love to nest inside drawers and their eggs are often found in undergarments.

Bees and Wasps

Bees are flying insects closely related to wasps and ants.Of all insect species,the honey bee is perhaps the most beneficial.

The honey bee makes its greatest contribution by pollinating plants.

More than one half of all fruit and vegetable crops are pollinated by honey bees.Wasps contribute by preying on many pest insects harmful to crops.Unfortunately,bees and wasps can be a threat to human health.Most die from an allergic reaction to venom within one hour of the sting.Those allergic to stings should carry emergency epinephrine injection kits as directed by their doctors.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are small, brownish, flattened insects that feed solely on the blood of animals.They are active mainly at night.During the daytime,they prefer to hide close to where people sleep.

Their flattened bodies enable them to fit into tiny crevices – especially those associated with mattresses,box springs,bed frames,and headboards.

They prefer to hide close to where they feed.Initial infestations tend to be around beds,but the bugs eventually may become scattered throughout a room,occupying any crevice or protected location.They also can spread to adjacent rooms or apartments.


Spiders differ from insects in that they have eight legs (rather than six) and only two body regions.

Many people fear spiders because of stories or myths.

Others object to spiders because of their habit of building webs in and around the home.There are a few spiders whose bite requires medical attention.

Spiders in your home makes the home appear unhygienic.

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