Non-Quarantine Fumigation

Non-quarantine fumigation is conducted in enclosed spaces such as warehouse with goods and commodities being stored. Fumigation is carried out to protect your production goods against the ravages of pests. Pests like grain beetles and rats can cause cross infestation when it travel from poor quality commodities to infest other stored goods.

Commodity Fumigation

Commodity fumigation is the treatment of a product by a gas, chemical or other process to eliminate the risk of a pest infestation.

A commodity can be described as anything from grain to personal effects imported or exported from one country or state to another.

The commodity can be by itself (loose or LCL – loose container load), in container (FCL – full container load), silo or ship.

Stored products pests are very sturdy and can adapt to almost any condition and location.  Food products are attacked from the time they are in the field until they are consumed. The infestation can occur at any stage from packaging to transport to storage and shelving. Food pests can be found in all forms: egg, larvae, or pupal and adult form.

Stored product pests not only deteriorate the quality of food but more importantly in the case of heavy infestation can cause skin irritations such as Dermitis and both animals and humans may suffer intestinal disorders from eating infested foods.

Silo Fumigation

Silo is used to store varied types of grains, feed or legumes as it is a low cost and maintenance free solution to the reduction of internal temperature and humidity levels. It has Air intake vents, installed near the base of silos and is configured to enhance the passive airflow across the stored commodity for improving aeration. This AIV also works as the sealed chamber for the chemical treatment at ground level to ensure safety of the stored commodities in silos.

To ensure the insects and pest free silo, silo fumigation is an effective, simple and cost effective pest control treatment, wherein phoshine is used as a fumigant because of its matchless aspect of controlling insects without moving the grain. This phoshpine gas moves rapidly through grain from the entry and ventilate through holes in silos. It hardly takes three or four days from the day of the silo fumigation process applied. It is recommended to keep phosphine inside the silo for minimum 7 days to eradicate every stage of the insects and pests from grains. For the effectiveness of the silo fumigation, silo built to be sealed gas tight is required to contain sufficient phoshphine concentration for a long period of time, which can be achieved by detailed calculation and monitoring prior to apply the fumigant.

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