Cockroach is one of the oldest insects existed on earth. They have been around as far as Carboniferous period which is very far longer than human. It is because cockroach has very strong adaptability, they can adapt a wide variety of environment condition and even develop immunity to toxic chemical.

There are different species of cockroach including German cockroach, American cockroach, Oriental cockroach, Brown banded cockroach and Australian Cockroach. The most common cockroach that we can find in Malaysia are German Cockroach and American Cockroach.

An insect that transmit disease is known as vector. Cockroach is one of the vectors, it can transmit various kind of diseases including Salmonella bacterium, a disease with symptom similar with food poisoning.

German cockroach prefers to harborage at dark and with food source area. Normally we can find them at kitchen area including refrigerator, under sink, gaps and any crack & crevices. Sometime we can find them at cupboard area as well. With optimal condition, a female German cockroach and her offspring can produce 300,000 roaches in a year. American cockroach prefers to harborage and dark and humid area. Normally we can find them at drainage, sewer, bin chute and floor trap etc. With optimal condition, an American cockroach and its offspring can produce 800 roaches in a year

Thus, we should always do proper housekeeping and maintain good hygiene to minimize the possibility of cockroach infestation. On the other hand, we can engage licensed professional pest control personnel to do inspection and treatment to get rid of this “unwelcome guest”.

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